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Energy Audits

Save Time and Money with a Memphis Pool Energy Audit

Energy Audits

As part of our swimming pool services, we provide an energy audit to help you understand how much energy your swimming pool uses.

What Is An Energy Audit?

The equipment on your pool may be the largest user of electrical energy at your home. It can also be the most wasteful. Many pool systems in the Mid-South are wasting hundreds of dollars each year in electrical costs due to inefficient, energy-hogging equipment and poor hydraulic design. We have a solution - a MEMPHIS POOL Energy Audit. A detailed analysis is performed concerning the effectiveness and proper sizing of your pool equipment by our highly trained MEMPHIS POOL service technicians. It's a simple way to identify wasteful design and equipment. We will recommend changes where the energy savings will easily pay for the costs, an average of $120 per year! Is It Right For My Pool? If your pool meets ANY of the following conditions, then it's a prime candidate for an energy audit:
  • Your filter pressure runs at 20# or higher
  • You have a square lid pump. These pumps do not offer good water flow for the energy consumed.
  • Your pump is 10 years or older.
  • You have a pump that is 1-1/2 HP or greater. Bigger isn't necessarily better. Many pools use pumps with horsepower much greater than that needed to properly filter the water.
  • You have a pool that has only 1 return inlet (as found on many one-piece fiberglass pools).

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